Deal OF The Day!... Bare Minerals

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Sun protection is crucial in preventing premature aging, but UV rays are just one source of environmental damage to the skin. Pollution may cause irritation and contribute to skin damage and long-term exposure to blue light, which comes from your cell phone and computer screens, may lead to premature skin aging and skin damage. In this digitally obsessed world, studies show we clock more than 10 hours of screen time per day.

Ariana Grande was the bell of the Ball in Vera Wang at the Met Gala 2018

Pop princess Ariana in Vera Wang at the Met Gala this week in Manhattan.

Ariana is seriously serving up some real princess vibes during this year's Met Gala Ball in New York City at the Metropolitan.

These photos of Arian are so cute! Best dressed by far for me!

Spring / Summer Runway Trend... Latex and Glossy Leather!



Vinyl effect

Winter crowned vinyl as the coolest trend ever. Thanks to latex leggings, patent leather skirts and glossy booties, we found out how black can shine brighter than a diamond. If you’re looking for the same effect n your spring ensembles, you should know which fashion pieces would be your MVP: pencil skirts, trenches and jumpsuits.

Transparent Pvc

Periodically, pvc’s destiny is to come back, sooner or later, in spring-summer collections. Actually, plastic made us immediately think about summer, seasides, and sea, and we’re pretty sure that the day when plastic would become unfashionable is far far away from here. If you already got rid of your vintage PVC items, don’t worry: next season the offer is pretty huge. You can even think about a total transparent outfit: hat, bag, boots, and capes would be yours never without.

Calvin Klein

Shiny fabrics

Shiny fabrics are so fashionable this year. We say a big yes to satin and silk for shirts and pants, but also to microsequins, that give to dresses a glossy glossy effect.

Latex and patent leather made our outfits shining through this cold cold winter. We have very good news for you: the "glossy-glossy" effect will be ours never without even in spring-summer 2018. Looking at the past fashion shows and at the collections that have just arrived in stores, we’ve understood that we have one rule to follow: shine. How? Wearing transparent pvc capes and glossy shirts. Discover with us the three main trends for the season.

Every look from the Balmian Fall 2018 Runway...

Balmain Fall 2018 Fashion Show, lots of iridescent and show-stopping shimmering looks went down the runway!   

Balmain RF18 3099 Balmain RF18 3104 Balmain RF18 3110 Balmain RF18 3116 Balmain RF18 3126 Balmain RF18 3130 Balmain RF18 3141 Balmain RF18 3148 Balmain RF18 3155 Balmain RF18 3163 Balmain RF18 3171 Balmain RF18 3177 Balmain RF18 3187 Balmain RF18 3194 Balmain RF18 3202 Balmain RF18 3217 Balmain RF18 3223 Balmain RF18 3231 Balmain RF18 3243 Balmain RF18 3252 Balmain RF18 3264 Balmain RF18 3274 Balmain RF18 3283 Balmain RF18 3289 Balmain RF18 3300 Balmain RF18 3311 Balmain RF18 3321 Balmain RF18 3327 Balmain RF18 3338 Balmain RF18 3353 Balmain RF18 3363 Balmain RF18 3374 Balmain RF18 3384 Balmain RF18 3393 Balmain RF18 3404 Balmain RF18 3421 Balmain RF18 3433 Balmain RF18 3442 Balmain RF18 3456 Balmain RF18 3466 Balmain RF18 3478 Balmain RF18 3487 Balmain RF18 3500 Balmain RF18 3517 Balmain RF18 3531 Balmain RF18 3540 Balmain RF18 3554 Balmain RF18 3562 Balmain RF18 3572 Balmain RF18 3586 Balmain RF18 3600 Balmain RF18 3620 Balmain RF18 3635 Balmain RF18 3653 Balmain RF18 3667 Balmain RF18 3683 Balmain RF18 3696 Balmain RF18 3707 Balmain RF18 3733 Balmain RF18 3744 Balmain RF18 3762 Balmain RF18 3779 Balmain RF18 3790 Balmain RF18 3806 Balmain RF18 3820 Balmain RF18 3830 Balmain RF18 3844 Balmain RF18 3855 Balmain RF18 3866 Balmain RF18 3879 Balmain RF18 3888 Balmain RF18 3905 Balmain RF18 3921 Balmain RF18 3940 Balmain RF18 3959 Balmain RF18 3978 Balmain RF18 3996 Balmain RF18 4011 Balmain RF18 4037 Balmain RF18 4056 Balmain RF18 4062 Balmain RF18 4078 Balmain RF18 4089 Balmain RF18 4111 Balmain RF18 4124 Balmain RF18 4141 Balmain RF18 4165 Balmain RF18 4184 Balmain RF18 4192 Balmain RF18 4208 Balmain RF18 4224 Balmain RF18 4244 Balmain RF18 4252 Balmain RF18 4264 Balmain RF18 4275 Balmain RF18 4290 Balmain RF18 4317 Balmain RF18 4352 Balmain RF18 4368 Balmain RF18 4384