Golden Treasures...

Wrap Bracelet.
Amythest drusy agate ring.

Stunning natural Agate Crystal slice pendant.
natural Agate Crystal slice pendant.
Geode Crystal slice pendant Earrings, with Amethyst centre stone, no two pairs are the same.
London based Desighner Helen Bailey of Decadorn, creates handmade leather and metal wrapped bracelets, agate pendant necklaces, and stunning amythest drusy agate rings. The AMAZING rings are a chunky statement ring it is hand carved in Brazil, there are no two the same. The ring is carved around the natural shape of the Drusy, emphasizing the natural beauty of the stone. The designs are totally original, innovative and stylish. The craftsmanship is absolutely impeccable! These acssesories are one of a kind pieces which makes these even more special and unique. 

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