I Love Lucy!

The influences and trends of the 1940's & 50's are working today's runways for this fall:

Other than the hilarious faces that Lucille Ball constantly wore so well in every episode, I LOVE "I Love Lucy" for the gorgeous and timeless dresses and put together suits Lucy wore on the show. What ever happened to women wearing dresses during the day with their hair and makeup all done, sporting some of their finest jewelry, only to just run uptown for a few errands?... We need more of that! 



Miss Ball still looks ohh so chic even when getting herself into crazy shenanigans!

In this "I Love Lucy" episode, in which Ricky and Fred tricked Lucy and Ethel into wearing potato sacks by claiming they were "Marcel originals". Was in itself a satire on Cristobal Balenciaga's innovative "sack" dress, introduced to the world in 1956. Looks like fashion has come full circle!