As arriving to Lauren Moffatt's presentation to photograph for FutureClaw Magazine I noticed the presentation was being held in a local abandoned school. When I realized the location I was so excited to see how it would turn out. when walking up the school steps there was a sign that read "Art & Classroom" with arrows leading the guest where to go. This easily was the most inventive and creative showing of fashion week for fall 2012 in New York.  Models were arranged in two rooms, one set in a art studio and another set in a typical classroom. Known for her prints, Moffatt shows off with this collection a "schoolgirl charm" with feminine silhouettes, while keeping with a vintage vibe through a classic color palette. All the garments worked perfect with this amazing abandon school, how cool?!... Look out for Lauren Moffatt this fall! LOVE! 

Photography by: Peter Curti
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