A blog about two best friends (who have been friends for a decade now), who love fashion, have fun, and enjoy life to the fullest.

PACC is a concept and brand for fashion friend duo, Peter Curti and Alexis Cozza. There fashion based blog is very soon to be launched. A clothing line for the duo is even in the works and is due out mid Winter. The blog involving there advice and overall love for fashion will focus mostly on PC & AC's special moments from there everyday lives, fashion, and there friendship. what is really the PACC brand... I guess you'll just have and see...

So here's the Lo-Down:
Peter Curti & Alexis Cozza one day while waiting for a train to NYC in the chilly fall weather, (during the time of our freshmen collage days). Alexis and Peter ended up writing there initials on a sign on the ground that read:
'W A C H T H E G A P'.

Alexis & Peter began to write there initials beside the word
G A P. Alexis doodles the letter C by the A in G A P, Peter then writes the letter C for his last name Curti next to the letter P in the same word G A P.
'G A-(c) P-(c)' - They arranged the letters around they created the name PACC an acronym for
P(peter). A(alexis). C(curti). C(cozza).

The initials of there names put together then formed what they call PACC, representing there friendship and the pack('pacc') they made for life.
From that day on they dubbed there nicknames for each other 'PACC'. They use the word for almost anything, mostly involving there tight bond and spacial friendship they share together.

PC -
Peter Curti a New York based Photographer studied at The School of Visual Arts, is a seasoned expert in Fashion Photography, Styling, Graphic Design, and Creative Direction. Peter has worked on projects large and small across the US, responsible for everything from styling through to photo assisting on large scale Ad campaigns and magazines for a wide range of clientele. Most recently, Peter has also covered NYFW, freelancing for magazines.
AC -
Alexis Cozza an established New York based stylist and natural born fashionista, has been associated with some of the highest end department stores on the upper streets of fifth ave.
Alexis currently working as a a retail coordinator. Working hand in hand with the designer for a well known, high end designer jean company. Alexis styling just comes natural from growing up around fashion during childhood. With innovative & staple styling technics, Alexis is purely one of a kind. Most would say this up and coming stylist is a force to be reckoned with... Look out for this up and coming, fashionably delightful stylist who is taking New York by storm.

XO ~