For most of us this wasn't just the Super Bowl.  It was the nail biting moments waiting for Beyonce to preform.  

The light were off, the crowd anticipating the moment for Beyonce to reville. An aril vew of the stage uncovered a massive stage shaped like the face of our queen b. The spotlight reviles a siliuatted B as she sang crazy in love acapella calling for a nostalgic moment 
talk about the nostalgia... Beyonce was joined by Kelly and Michele on stage to perform some classic Destiny Child songs, the crowd went wild for the threesomes reunion. 

No wonder we call her Queen-B... LOOK AT HER!
New York- based designer fashion designer, Rubin Singer, created her body hugging, sexy leather & lace get up. Beyonce looked stunning in this piece showing off her greatest assets & bootyliouts dance moves. Beyonce sent a message that she is no joke! 
Our "sugga mama" is FEIRCE! 

Kelly Rowland was in Pucci.
Michelle Williams was in RubinSinger. 
Beyonce's shoes were by Proenza Schouler.

Stay Tuned in HERE for coverage of the QUEEN B's tour LIVE from Brooklyn,NY. Her last show of the tour!... Can any one say Jay-Z please!?... I mean he owns half the stadium...