Dangerous in Denim...

This dangerous denim get up is a custom made piece desighned by none other than, D'Squared. These jeans PC adorns were originally made for Britney Spears for her "Dream Within A Dream" world tour back in 2001-2002. Even more so I think it's quite fantastic I can get myself into a pair of custom made pants for Brit. ;-)

Here's a little history on the background of these stunners, 
The encore in which these are worn began with a giant projection of a hologram of Spears onto a water screen. The projection gradually shrunk until Spears rose from the stage while wearing a plastic cowboy hat, blue hip-huggers, and a matching bra top. Which I also own in addition to these jeans. 
She began performing "...Baby One More Time" in a ballad version until reaching the end of the runway. Pyrotechnics surrounded the stage while the song changed to a more uptempo version with elements of techno. Her dancers took the main stage while she returned to it running through the runway. They jumped on the barge while it was lifted into the air and continued to dance. At the end, Spears jumped off the barge with the bungee cords and landed in the main stage and descended from it.