Playboy Mansion Halloween Party 2013

An invitation to the world renowned Playboy Mansion Halloween Party called for some seriously extravagant and fierce costumes! 

 Heff Leaving the haunted house! (he looks scared) lol. 

Paris Hilton as Miley!


Here's the breakdown on blogger M and PC's costumes!... 

M's costume, (Sexy Brat Bunny) - With costume sponsorships from Dreams by Baci Lingerie Trooper Set, January Aviator Sunglasses by boohoo, Custom Bunny Ears by BKMC, Fishnet Thigh Highs by Sexy Threads, Boots by Jeffrey Campell.

PC's costume, (UNi) - Josie Loves J Valentine Unicorn Head Pice, Liquid Metallic Leggings & Bathing-Suite by American Apparel, 'NOLA' Boots by Jeffrey Campell. 


Marilyn Monroe - Natural Beauty?...

Reportedly from recently released X-rays from her doctor, it's discovered Monroe underwent plastic surgery and had a chin-implant and a rhinoplasty in 1950, this was when plastic surgery was very rare ! SO basically... 
Miss Monroe IS A FRAUD FOR ALL WOMEN WHO IDOLIZE HER FOR HER LOOKS AND IMAGE.... Well that image you see is FAKE! Natural beauty NOT! 
This is a big disappointment for every girl who idolizes her for her iconic image and everything Marilyn Monroe stood for.