Beverly Hills 100th Birthday!...

Happy 100th Birthday to the most glamorous city's in the world, Beverly Hills! Perfect excuse to hit the shops on Rodeo Dr. today and celebrate! 


Keep It POSH...

The Spice Girls singer looks chic and elegant in a classic pair of tailored black trousers, which accentuated her slim frame. Pared with a V-neck white blouse keeping this look polished and refined. This ensemble calls for those classic pair of pointed toe black pumps - sharp and down to business! With a look like this a girl can dominate 'all day, every day!'
Shoes - Manolo Blahnik. Pants, Shirt, & Handbag - Victoria Beckham Collection.


The brand Living Royal is totally fetch! Model Daryl Feinberg and I are obsessed! 
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-PC & D