Finally a pair of knee-highs that DON'T FALL DOWN!...
 Kix'ies brand Thigh Highs features an innovative silicone backing that keeps the thigh highs up, no garter belt or having to pull them up every second ladies! 
Kix’ies are practical, comfortable, and fashionable. You may even feel a bit sexy wearing Kix'ies, which is an added bonus! 
My favorite part, a percentage of each Kix’ies sales are donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of the founders dad who passed away from Hodgkins Lymphoma in 1995.

Cassie was given a pair to try out and here's what she had to say!...  
Kix'ies can spice up any outfit whether your lounging around, have a meeting, or going to party! They are so cozy and stylish and actually stay up unlike some knee highs! ;-P ... "
                                                                                                                                  - Cassie Cardelle.

A HUGE thank you to the ladies of Kix'ies and Maile Cabral of Cabral Edwards Management ( @MalePRmedia ), for making this blog post possible!

XO ~