Britney Spears - Planet Hollywood

Britney Spears returns to rock Planet Hollywood’s Axis Theater soon, performing on August 16, 19, 23, 27 and 30-31, plus the new September dates. In the electrifying, high energy show, Brit shows off her toned physique and many flashy, over-the-top costumes, as expected from the pop diva.... 
The stage worn costumes were designed by talented costume designer, Marco Marco and are maintained by Tisha Yates. Yates previously worked with Spears on her Circus Tour in 2009 and now serves as her head of wardrobe on-site with miss Spears on tour.
     Marco Marco worked with Spears on the costume design process and making her visions come to life before the show’s debut in December. The process was long and very thought out, as there are seven acts with four looks each!!! WOW!... Here are some show-stoppers we loved all day, every day!...

You better work B*tch!
Naturally, Spears has to make a splashy, sparkly entrance for her Vegas residency. One way to do that? Wear a recreation of the most scandalous, talked-about outfit of her whole career. The sheer, flesh-colored bodysuit dotted with crystals is reminiscent of both Spears’ infamous 2000 MTV Video Music Awards performance outfit, as well as her “Toxic” music video. It’s a stunner—but she doesn’t wear it while performing “Toxic” in the show, saving it instead for the “Work Bitch” opener, “Womanizer” and “3”.
“This is your signature Britney Spears costume,” says Yates. “A nude fabric with rhinestones. There are two versions she alternates between: a body suit and a crop top.”

I’m like the ringleader, I call the shots
Yates revealed that Spears’ personal favorite show costume is indeed the one with the biggest wow factor. The circus ringmaster-style corset features black and white stripes, a tiny ruffled skirt and chain metal straps. Up close, it’s intricacy is jaw-dropping, with thousands of different colors of hand-placed Swarovski crystals. “This is a custom piece and one-of-a-kind,” Yates says. “It’s very hard to make, especially with the fading detail of the stones.”
Keep on dancing ‘til the world ends
While singing her last act of “Toxic,” “(You Drive Me) Crazy,” “Stronger” and “Til The World Ends,” Spears dons a black corset leotard nearly covered in gold, black, clear and red crystals. The ultra-sexy costume matches well with the high energy of these crowd favorites.

If you happen to be in Vegas or even happen to be a fan, it's totally worth every moment!
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