Nicola Formichetti X Nicopanda Collection...

It's no secret that Nicola Formichetti is one very busy man. There's his work at Diesel, of course; the post-Gaga design for Uniqlo; not to mention styling for everyone from Dazed & Confused, to and Vogue Homme Japan, where the Tokyo native serves as fashion director. Formichetti's most personal work is Nicopanda, the rebel, street-driven kawaii line of Formichetti-branded collectables (think nylon baseball caps with panda ears). 
Yesterday in Tribeca, Formichetti introduced his first complete Nicopanda collection. "I wanted to figure out a full fashion collection, but still Nicopanda—so I wanted to make it very cute," he told reporters. "I believe it's Harajuku sportswear."

The collection features an all-unisex, 32-piece ("68 if you count all the colors") assortment of neoprene, ruffle-lined white overshirts, black mesh-lace "tutu" shorts, and baby pink and white caps with pearls hanging from each side. "It's like Nicopanda, Tumblr, everything I like," said Formichetti of the Lolita downtown androgynous separates. "You know, I split my jobs. This is completely different from Diesel. This other side of me is much more color-y and younger and more fun. I want to wear everything here!"


Who Wore It Better?!...

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and Britney Spears is flattered!

Katy Perry showed up to Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards wearing a denim dress made by Versace Couture; she was channeling Spears' iconic look from the 28th Annual American Music Awards in 2001. (Also made by Versace Couture). Perry even recruited rapper Riff Raff to emulate singer Justin Timberlake, Spears' boyfriend at the time.
Both are a smash hit! Any tribute towards BritBrit is a good one!


Cassie Cardelle Rains Surprime...

Catch an exclusive look of  "Cassie Behind The Lights..." featuring behind the scene footage of Miss Cardelle on set with photog and fashion stylist PC as we take you inside to see the magic behind the lights. 

Music: Mariah Carey - "Thirsty",  Beyonce - "Partition" Starring: Cassie Cardelle
Video/Edits/photos/styling - PC