Nicola Formichetti X Nicopanda Collection...

It's no secret that Nicola Formichetti is one very busy man. There's his work at Diesel, of course; the post-Gaga design for Uniqlo; not to mention styling for everyone from Dazed & Confused, to and Vogue Homme Japan, where the Tokyo native serves as fashion director. Formichetti's most personal work is Nicopanda, the rebel, street-driven kawaii line of Formichetti-branded collectables (think nylon baseball caps with panda ears). 
Yesterday in Tribeca, Formichetti introduced his first complete Nicopanda collection. "I wanted to figure out a full fashion collection, but still Nicopanda—so I wanted to make it very cute," he told reporters. "I believe it's Harajuku sportswear."

The collection features an all-unisex, 32-piece ("68 if you count all the colors") assortment of neoprene, ruffle-lined white overshirts, black mesh-lace "tutu" shorts, and baby pink and white caps with pearls hanging from each side. "It's like Nicopanda, Tumblr, everything I like," said Formichetti of the Lolita downtown androgynous separates. "You know, I split my jobs. This is completely different from Diesel. This other side of me is much more color-y and younger and more fun. I want to wear everything here!"