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10 Skincare Products For Glowing Skin This Summer!...

It is a constant struggle trying to find the best products for that glow-y finish we all want. Who doesn't dream of having their skin looking it's best? To help you out, we rounded up the top products to get that Summer glow below.

This powerful yet gently exfoliating treatment works in three ways: Exfoliates with pumpkin enzyme, peels with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), and polishes with aluminum oxide. It reveals smoother, younger-looking, radiant, and revitalized skin.

Key Ingredients & Benefits:
Pumpkin Enzyme - a natural enzyme, gently digests dead surface skin cellsAlpha Hydroxy Acid - peels away dull surface cells revealing a fresh, youthful radianceAluminum Oxide Crystals - the same crystals used in microdermabrasion treatments, provide an effective physical exfoliation to polish skin, rejuvenating the appearance of a lackluster complexion

PC Styles... On set with Nicole Richie!

While in Hollywood PC Styles visits the set of Vh1's hit show, Candidly Nicole staring Nicole Richie... 

On the season finale of Candidly NicoleNicole Richie was focused on getting her own VH1 Behind The Music. In an effort to prove that she was worthy of her own special, Nicole attempted to unite the talent of VH1 through music.
With the help of The Game, Nicole was able to write a song for VH1 nation to perform. In a comical original number, Nicole and VH1 celebs highlight some of the most popular VH1 series. Check out PC's behind the scenes video! 

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