Dusk Time In Nevada... Story Behind the Photo's!

               Dress c/o Bri Seeley

Cassie Cardelle, Model. 
Photographer / Fashion Styling, 
PC Styles. 
Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Cassie and PC set out on a Las Vegas road trip!... 
On the way from LA to Las Vegas, we decided to make a trip out of it, a 6 hour car ride. 
Along the way PC and Cassie decided to do a photo shoot, I mean a road trip isn't complete without impromptu photo shoot! Well... As you can see we got amazing images. While shooting we had a window of time because the sun was going down. So they had to eventually use the car headlights as PC's lighting. The light set so fast, they were very much into the photo shoot. Next thing you know the sun was down and it was completely dark! 
Only having the car headlights to see what was in front of them. Cassie and PC finally told each other they needed to go. 
They both got in the car, with our car being the only source of light as far they could see. All of a sudden Cassie and PC noticed the car was swarming with flies! 
*Screams!*  Cassie, "Ah PC!!! What do we do!? OH MY GOD IM FREAKING OUT!"  
After a horrifying encounter with the killer bugs Cassie and PC finally managed to get it under control. 
They noticed that everywhere they had turned, everywhere they looked, they saw the same thing - the darkness, dirt, and random bushels of dead plants. 
Cassie and PC had completely at this point are panicking!
Cassie, "PC OH MY GOD! Everything looks the same! I can't find the dirt road we came from!
PC trying to keep his cool, tries to look for any sign of civilization...
PC, "Um Cassie - this is so creepy! We have no cell phone service out here! Everywhere we turn it looks the same! Darkness and dead bushes!" 
Cassie, "OH MY God PC!!!? What are we going to do!? Is someone like messing with us! Oh my god where's the road!?" 
After about an hour of driving around in circles and freaking out, being there dramatic selfs. They had finally found a road!!! They were so happy and overwhelmed with relief. 
PC and Cassie after calming down where able to laugh about it.
Lessons learned... Never stay in the middle of the desert while the sun goes down. You will get lost! The light attracts bugs on a really hot muggy night, DUH!


How to Dress like a Fashion Stylist...

Fashion stylists tend to come up with creative outfit ideas, are experts in putting unexpected colour or patterns combinations together and they can take any simple basic and make it something ultra stylish. Here is how:

#PCstyles4U Daily!...

Today #PCstyles4U - Head to toe POSH and polished from Balmain to YSL! Timeless trends from the top timeless fashion brands. 

Leather Skirt - Alice + Olivia 
Boots - Gianvito Rossi
Bag - YSL
Sunnies - PRADA 



Vintage Brit!...

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's red carpet, denim double date happened 15 years ago TODAY! 
Spears' iconic look from the 28th Annual American Music Awards in 2001 ( by Versace Couture). With singer Justin Timberlake, Spears' boyfriend at the time, took the world by storm with this duo denim look goes down in red carpet history till this day! 
We #NeverForeget this classic #VintageBrit red carpet moment!


#PCstyles4U Daily...

Shades of Black!
Keeping it chic in an all black pallet of lace, sheer fabrics, & leathers. This look is perfect for any day of the winter weeks! 

Skirt - Alexander McQueen 
Sheer Shirt - Valentenio 
Bag - Dolce & Gabbana 
Hat, Lace Bra - H&M
Shoes - Jimmy Choo. 


Daily Diva Dose!...

Our first #DailyDivaDose of 2016 goes to the one and only Mariah Carey!

Mariah Carey braves the cold weather for a dip in the hot tub during a relaxing Christmas weekend vacation on Sunday (December 27) in Aspen, Col.
“#traditions #aspen #wintermoments Sending love to all my #lambs <3” the diva posted along with the photo on Instagram.

#PCstyles4U Daily ...


With rich colors and fabrics this casual day to night look is perfect for the everyday wanderlust wonder-woman! #pcstylesalldayeveryday #wonderwomenwardrobe 
acne studios - Dress. Balmain Paris - velvet blazer. h&m - shoes. Stella McCartney - bag. 



Caught @bellesnrebelles being a total #uvRoyalRebel pon de rooftop! Hmm why are your UVs unzipped, earring fall off too?... Suspicious behavior.

PC Styles Playlist!

NYE Festivities!...

Mariah Carey hits the stage at the Crown Casino’s New Year’s Eve Party for a special performance on Thursday (December 31) in Melbourne, Australia...
The superstar performed at her billionaire boyfriend James Packer‘s casino for the packed crowd! James and some other guests were in attendance to cheer on Mariah!
“Can’t wait to see my #Lambs in AUSTRALIA! See you soon! 😘” Mariah tweeted before the show. It’s already 2016 in Australia, so Happy New Year to those who have just celebrated!

Carrie Underwood Slays The Stage At New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Amazing Medley...

Yas Queen Carrie! Our fave country princess headlined the major Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show, and she did it big with a medley of some of our favorite songs. Carrie took to the stage with her hits “Smoke Break”, “Heartbeat“, and of course, the breakup anthem “Before He Cheats,” because what better way is there to inspire you to leave your crappy boyfriend in 2015? We’re still all worked up from the amazing performance

 Jessie J hits the stage in the middle of Times Square for a New Year’s Eve performance on Thursday (December 31) in New York City. The 27-year-old British singer had the honor of being the artist chosen to sing the classic John Lennon song “Imagine” for the one million people celebrating in Times Square.

Over in the UK....
Britain has welcomed in the New Year as thousands of people gathered on the banks of the River Thames to watch a spectacular fireworks display.
London revellers have been watched over by every available officer at the Metropolitan Police's disposal, including hundreds of firearms personnel.
As many as 3,000 officers have been working across the capital, as cities across the world heighten security in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.
Many revellers braved the intermittent spells of rain last night ahead of the stunning midnight display featuring around 12,000 fireworks.  The Edinburgh Hogmanay also saw several firework displays above the city's castle.