Dusk Time In Nevada... Story Behind the Photo's!

               Dress c/o Bri Seeley

Cassie Cardelle, Model. 
Photographer / Fashion Styling, 
PC Styles. 
Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Cassie and PC set out on a Las Vegas road trip!... 
On the way from LA to Las Vegas, we decided to make a trip out of it, a 6 hour car ride. 
Along the way PC and Cassie decided to do a photo shoot, I mean a road trip isn't complete without impromptu photo shoot! Well... As you can see we got amazing images. While shooting we had a window of time because the sun was going down. So they had to eventually use the car headlights as PC's lighting. The light set so fast, they were very much into the photo shoot. Next thing you know the sun was down and it was completely dark! 
Only having the car headlights to see what was in front of them. Cassie and PC finally told each other they needed to go. 
They both got in the car, with our car being the only source of light as far they could see. All of a sudden Cassie and PC noticed the car was swarming with flies! 
*Screams!*  Cassie, "Ah PC!!! What do we do!? OH MY GOD IM FREAKING OUT!"  
After a horrifying encounter with the killer bugs Cassie and PC finally managed to get it under control. 
They noticed that everywhere they had turned, everywhere they looked, they saw the same thing - the darkness, dirt, and random bushels of dead plants. 
Cassie and PC had completely at this point are panicking!
Cassie, "PC OH MY GOD! Everything looks the same! I can't find the dirt road we came from!
PC trying to keep his cool, tries to look for any sign of civilization...
PC, "Um Cassie - this is so creepy! We have no cell phone service out here! Everywhere we turn it looks the same! Darkness and dead bushes!" 
Cassie, "OH MY God PC!!!? What are we going to do!? Is someone like messing with us! Oh my god where's the road!?" 
After about an hour of driving around in circles and freaking out, being there dramatic selfs. They had finally found a road!!! They were so happy and overwhelmed with relief. 
PC and Cassie after calming down where able to laugh about it.
Lessons learned... Never stay in the middle of the desert while the sun goes down. You will get lost! The light attracts bugs on a really hot muggy night, DUH!