22 Products You Need If You Love Horses But Don’t Know Why...

Or any other magical creature...

Andrew Richard / Buzzfeed

1. This mug that voices your thoughts, always.

2. These earrings that go with the rest of your obsessories.

3. This majestic prancing lamp.

4. These lazy floating horse decals.

6. These mugs that are both actually YOU.

8. This aspirational shower curtain.

This aspirational shower curtain.
You, every morning. $60, CrazyDogTshirts.

10. This Swedish dala horse tablecloth.

11. This wine glass that speaks horse.

This wine glass that speaks horse.
Horse comes naturally in your inebriated state. $17, canadarockengraving.

12. These neon hot ribbons.

$4.35, PeakBloom.

13. This horse planter that comes with an air plant.

14. This customizable horseshoe necklace.

15. This horse poop tote.

This horse poop tote.
A place to hide all your emergency number two's... $21, lucydynamite.

16. This mug that combines your love for Shakespeare and horses.

17. This ring that features all your racing friends.

18. This elegantly embroidered magnet.

19. This scintillating equestrian shadow lamp.

20. This hot pink coasters.

21. This touchingly beautiful travel mug.

22. And of course, a print of your horse-loving idol.

And of course, a print of your horse-loving idol.
One day, you and Tina will be united with Horselain. $15, strongedesigns.