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10 Skincare Products For Glowing Skin This Summer!...

It is a constant struggle trying to find the best products for that glow-y finish we all want. Who doesn't dream of having their skin looking it's best? To help you out, we rounded up the top products to get that Summer glow below.

This powerful yet gently exfoliating treatment works in three ways: Exfoliates with pumpkin enzyme, peels with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), and polishes with aluminum oxide. It reveals smoother, younger-looking, radiant, and revitalized skin.

Key Ingredients & Benefits:
Pumpkin Enzyme - a natural enzyme, gently digests dead surface skin cellsAlpha Hydroxy Acid - peels away dull surface cells revealing a fresh, youthful radianceAluminum Oxide Crystals - the same crystals used in microdermabrasion treatments, provide an effective physical exfoliation to polish skin, rejuvenating the appearance of a lackluster complexion

Spring / Summer Runway Trend... Latex and Glossy Leather!



Vinyl effect

Winter crowned vinyl as the coolest trend ever. Thanks to latex leggings, patent leather skirts and glossy booties, we found out how black can shine brighter than a diamond. If you’re looking for the same effect n your spring ensembles, you should know which fashion pieces would be your MVP: pencil skirts, trenches and jumpsuits.

Transparent Pvc

Periodically, pvc’s destiny is to come back, sooner or later, in spring-summer collections. Actually, plastic made us immediately think about summer, seasides, and sea, and we’re pretty sure that the day when plastic would become unfashionable is far far away from here. If you already got rid of your vintage PVC items, don’t worry: next season the offer is pretty huge. You can even think about a total transparent outfit: hat, bag, boots, and capes would be yours never without.

Calvin Klein

Shiny fabrics

Shiny fabrics are so fashionable this year. We say a big yes to satin and silk for shirts and pants, but also to microsequins, that give to dresses a glossy glossy effect.

Latex and patent leather made our outfits shining through this cold cold winter. We have very good news for you: the "glossy-glossy" effect will be ours never without even in spring-summer 2018. Looking at the past fashion shows and at the collections that have just arrived in stores, we’ve understood that we have one rule to follow: shine. How? Wearing transparent pvc capes and glossy shirts. Discover with us the three main trends for the season.

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